Kelly Hogan has worked in the design industry for nearly two decades, currently as founder of Freshly Hatched Design Studio. Her work is as multifaceted as she is, meshing perfectly with creative types to develop on trend, yet timeless, brands.

She’s a mom to two beasts (a word used with the utmost of love, but also the absolute truth), and wife to a super smart engineer who supports her shenanigans wholeheartedly (mostly). Her giant dog Clifford is as amazing as his name implies, but sadly the duck was only an evening guest…which is totally normal right?

One morning, 8 years ago she woke up from a crazy dream to write pages and pages of notes for what would become ‘Ungraceful’. Inspired by smart and quirky leading young women, she explored her Young Adult writing style with this paranormal romance.

‘Riley’ is a complete 180 in genre, shifting focus to New Adult Contemporary. Written within a month for Nanowrimo 2016, this book came naturally and effortlessly, compounding ideas for new storylines in the Off-Limits series which should be released later this year.

She also blogs regularly for the fruckin’ blog, a mish mash of literary dumps, angry rants, interior design fetishes, parental non-advice and personal dear diary entries.

Learn more about Kelly from visiting her blog, or following her antics in twitterverse (@afreshchick). She also has a Goodreads author account and would love to just talk books!

Please feel free to drop her a line anytime at kelly@freshlyhatched.ca.




Let me start off with a reminder of the most basic guy codes:

1. Don’t date your friends’ ex. EVER.
2. Under no circumstances do you share a dudes’ umbrella.
3. Friends don’t let friends do speedos.
4. One minute spent in front of a mirror is 15 seconds too long.
5. If you’ve known a guy more then 24 hours, his sister is officially off limits…

So hooking up with their mom? Well, that basically annihilates the code.

I wouldn’t have believed myself capable of it. A guy’s gotta have some sort of morals.

But the moment she walked into my life, I could have written a book about how wrong I was. It wasn’t just a base instinct to get her naked…well I’m almost certain it wasn’t all that. Lila is everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. Sexy. Smart. Talented. And that thing she can do in bed that blows my…well, let’s leave it at that.

Lila is off limits. A no fly zone. I tried to be smart. I tried to ignore the want.
I tried…but it wasn’t enough.

She has no idea how I see her. How I want her. She’s only sees the age difference.

She’s forbidden.

She’s perfect.

I didn’t see her coming.

I didn’t see her leaving.

I’m Riley and this is my story.




I’ve got a secret. A sorta dark-ish ‘sometimes cool’ but steadily morphing into a ‘ruining my life while I attempt (and fail) to avoid any and all brutal maimings’ kind of secret.

Will we girls ever learn? No probably not, but history repeats as my story begins with a guy. Yes, there’s always a guy. Asher. Freaking. Grey.

Before HIM, I was blissfully ignorant of my current crap storm. I was graduating high school, selecting tupperware for my new bachelor pad in New York (shut up, it’s exciting!), getting straight A’s across the board … OK that’s a lie, but otherwise, everything was pretty ordinary. Sorta boring actually, definitely not ‘death knocking on your door’ exciting, however, I can now say with all honestly, boring is underrated.

I should have known from the start that someone with hair that perfect would have A) a shifty evil side and B) boat loads of neurotic baggage. My alarm bells should have been ringing off the charts, but said bells were being quashed by raging teenage hormones. If someone could bottle those suckers up, I’m pretty sure it’d be more potent then nuclear warfare.

I’ve been informed that I’m not who I thought I was. Actually NOTHING is how I thought it was. Is this a good thing? The jury is still out, but I guess avoidance of said maimings will be my new measure of success at life. Awesome.

I loved this quirky, witty, powerful character. It was refreshing to read a tween novel that was intelligent and entertaining at the same time.